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Having Fun at Pantai Muara Gembong

Pantai Muara GembongHave you ever been to Cikarang, Bekasi? CIkarang is a nice place to live in. It has industrial areas like Jababeka, EJIP (East Jakarta Industrial Park), and Delta Silicon. Even so, Cikarang is not only a business city because it has plenty of tourist attractions. One of them is Pantai Muara Gembong. Before you decide to make a visit to Pantai Muara Gembong, you are more recommended to rent a car or sewa mobil harian di Cikarang. Hiring a driver is also suggested especially if it’s your first visit to Cikarang. By doing so, you can easily reach this beach.

The name of Muara Gembong itself was taken from the name of regency restrict, Muara Gembong. You want to get relaxation? Pantai Muara Gembong is one of the best places you’ll ever visit because it offers natural beauty that make you amazed although it is not as popular beaches in Bali, Lombok, Jakatra, or other favorites spot in Indonesia.

Having fun at Pantai Muara Gembong you might forget the time because you will be having a good time there with your family or friends. You can feel the wind blowing or see the waves rolling to the seashore.

Nevertheless, Pantai Muara Gembong is one of those areas affected by blooding. Muara Gembong district is perhaps the most severe places in Jakarta that got the flood. The key areas of Muara Gembong are Jayasakti, Pantai Harapanjaya, Panta sederhana, Pantaibahagia, and Pantai Bakti. Unfortunately, it means that visiting and traveling Pantai Maura Gembok is not a good idea at this time unless you want to do volunteering.